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Driving Me Crazy

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009



My seniors have the uncanny ability to always keep me on my toes.

Senior:  “Zelzee, I want to sign up for that AARP driving class.”

Zelzee:  “The one in June or the one in July.”

Senior:  “The one you’re having.”

Zelzee:   “I have one every month.  I just don’t know which one you want to take.”

Senior:  “I want to take the one that has the free coffee and donuts, and there’s a film to watch in the dark, so I can get some sleep.  Then because I am still breathing by the end of the stuffy class, and you know it’s always too  gosh darn hot in that room anyway, well, then I get some dang piece of paper and I save all kinds of money on insurance.  And make sure I have a parking place close to the door, because I don’t walk too good anymore without my walker. Oh, and I want to be up front ’cause I don’t see worth a dam either!”

Zelzee:  “But when do you want to come to the class.”

Senior:  “I just told you.  Weren’t you listening?”

Zelzee:  “June it is.”

And there is not one doubt in my mind they parked their car right next to mine…………….


But I heard………….

Friday, May 8th, 2009



Working with the public certainly leaves you open to not only compliments but criticism.

Especially if you work for the government.
Especially if you work with seniors.

Senior: “I heard I was going to get all kinds of money back from the President.”

Zelzee: “If you’re on Social security or SSI you will get back $250.00.”

Senior: “No. It’s more than that. Sadie next door told me this nice new President was   gonna give me back thousands.”

Zelzee: “Believe me, the Economic Recovery Payment is only $250.00. I’m not sure where Sadie got her information.”

Senior: “Hmphh! Sadies cousin Bella Mae heard it from her neighbors brother’s uncle that it was gonna be thousands.”

Zelzee: “They are mistaken, It will only be $250.00”

Senior: “I thought you were smart! The lady that was here before you knew everything!”

Yeah……………well, you’re stuck with me………………….!


Senior Compliments

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009



I work with seniors……………and let me tell you, they have NO problem letting you know what’s on their mind.

Senior:  “Zelzee………..I see you got your hair cut.”

(Mind you, I have gone thru chemo and am wearing a wig…….but most don’t know that)

Zelzee:  “Yes. It’s much shorter.”

Senior: “Well it’s about time you got rid of that frizzy shit.”

Thank you, I think…………………………….