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Valet Parking

Friday, August 7th, 2009



I was at a wedding a few weeks ago (one of many I have attended this summer).  I was looking forward to it, as the reception was being held at a very posh elite club.  Very, very fancy, shmancy……

I was thrilled to see valet parking was offered, which meant I could wear my painful, yet drop dead sexy  black stilettos, and not have to hike through a parking lot!

 Well, I pulled up…………………………sat in my car waiting for someone to come up to me.

There was a group of guests that were outside smoking, watching me.

I still sat in my car waiting for someone.  Now I felt like an idiot. Was I in the wrong place? Was I supposed to get out of my car and look for someone?  Smokers still staring at me………………….

Finally a young man slinks up, hands me a ticket, and drove off with my car. 

I felt much better now.

Attended the reception………..pretty much the standard wedding…..a bride, a groom, young love, a cake, and a dinner.

Time to leave………..

Got out my little ticket and walked to the doors where two young employee boys were sitting.  I handed one of them my ticket.  He looked at me with a blank stare, did a deep sigh (and I know what that means, you little shit), and sauntered out to get my car.

I waited…………..talked to one of the bridesmaids.

I waited…………..talked to the bride.

I waited………….talked to some guy hitting on me.

Finally another car pulled up front, and a group of grandma’s with walkers proceeded to fill their vehicle…………very………..slowly.

I could see my car behind them.

Finally, grandma, grandma, and grandma were all packed up, walkers safely tucked in the trunk, and they slowly rolled out of the parking lot.  I was waiting for my car to pull up under the canopy, but it did not move.  On closer inspection………….my car had been abandoned, door wide open………nobody in there………

I walked over to my car, got in, and drove the way home swearing at the little shit for leaving my car ………… I was swatting (all the way home) at all the bugs that had flown into my car toward the interior light!!!

Was all this really worth a pair of hot, sexy diva shoes?

yes it was………………………..



Summer Vacation

Friday, June 26th, 2009



On the news recently they have been talking about Americans cutting back on vacations over the summer. The travel industry is hurting and vacation hotspots are offering smoking’ hot deals.

My life was never one that included exotic vacations. When I was growing up, my father always worked starting his own business, barely taking a day off now and again. When we were back in school, I never had a two page litany about all the different States we traveled to during our summer vacation.

Instead, my mother found ways to give us enjoyment throughout our summers. She was the neighborhood “mom” for all the kids. She would pile 14 kids into her car (sometimes two on a lap), and take us all down to the beach.. Or she would again pile us all in her car and treat us to a drive-in movie. Once there she would unload lawn chairs and blankets and set them up on both sides of the car. We poured out of the vehicle like molten lava and claimed our chair or spot on top of the car. Many a young couple parked next to us started their car up and moved…………far away from the commotion we would cause!

Even when I was first married, my husband and I never had two nickels to rub together, but we never really noticed that we were missing vacations. I became the “kool-aid” mom in the neighborhood with umpteen kids splashing in our little backyard Smurf pool while Bubble Gum Rock blasted from my cassette player as kids danced around on my back patio.

To listen to me, my brother and my sister we had the absolute best childhood. To listen to my children, they had the absolute best childhood.

Thoughts of summer keep invading my thoughts lately. (Yes, there has been a spotting of sunshine now and again around here.) And with these thoughts I am reminded of summers past.

There are many of you out in bloggy land, that cannot afford vacations. It’s hard enough to try and keep food on your table, or the roof over your head……….a vacation is simply out of the question.

I just wanted you to know that wherever you are with the ones you love can be your “vacation”. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune……….

Build a dream castle out of blankets and plywood.

Swim the ocean in a little blue Smurf pool.

Take the family to a “drive-in” movie with a portable DVR player in your backyard on a blanket…….snacks and drinks prepared exactly the way you like them.

I learned long ago………….being the neighborhood “kool-aid” mom was the highest honor I was ever bestowed.

Somedays We All Need A Little Help……

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009



A few weeks ago at work, I had a visit from a gentleman that I knew…….not real well, but I had helped him numerous times fill out paperwork and apply for some government programs.

He was not a senior, but was disabled, mentally challenged and not really able to hold a job.  I knew from filling out forms that “Joe” did not have very much money.  He was usually unkempt, dirty, and his clothes never seemed to fit. He was one of the ones I actually wondered how he managed to live on such a small income from Social Security Disability.

I figured Joe needed my help with something, so I was really taken back when he sheepishly asked  to borrow $20.00…………

My immediate thought was to say no.  I really didn’t want to start something I would be sorry for………

Joe promised to pay me back, and looking at his hunched beaten demeanor, against my better judgement, I said yes.  His face immediately lit up …..all the time swearing he would pay me back.

I handed him the $20.00 bill, knowing full well I would never see it again.  A co-worker was in my office shaking her head and telling me I was nuts.

Today as I was typing away at the computer, I looked up to see Joe.  I cringed…….’here we go’, I thought, ‘he probably needs more money?’

He handed me a crisp new $20.00 bill.  “It’s payday, and I promised I would pay you back” he proudly announced.

All I could do was smile……….my faith in mankind somehow always has a way of getting restored…………


This Little Piggy Went To Market………

Friday, June 12th, 2009



Have you been shoe shopping lately?

Shoes are my very favorite accessory.
Especially black shoes………. Black shoes are like black pants. You can never have too many pairs.
But I am not a prejudice shoe lover.
I love them all the same.

What’s in this year to adorn my cute tootsies?
Peep toe shoes.
Black patent peep toe shoes.
Brown leather peep toe shoes.

Red peep toe shoes.
Striped or polka dot peep toes shoes.
Peep toe shoes with buckles on them.
Strappy, sexy peep toe shoes.


Seriously, have you tried to walk in them for one full day?

These are the most painful things I have ever put my feet through!
Now, I know, sometimes ‘beauty must suffer”, but not like this!

Just how could something so darn cute be a source of sheer torture?
My toes have blisters.
The side of my foot has blisters.
My heels have blisters.

And………….Gawd forbid, I pitch them or simply stop wearing them……….
no, not me……

I will just continue to buy sheer band-aids………..
That’s why they made them, right?