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Crafty Me

Sunday, January 24th, 2010


I know I have been so bad about posting.  Summer caught up with me, and I just found it too hot to sit in front of a computer….

Ok, so what about Fall?  Winter? I admit, I have been a real slug lately.  I have been doing alot of my crafy stuff, and listing on Etsy.  But even with that I have not been as persistant as I should be.  I had to go through the whole routine of changing my seller name, so I don’t have an ex-husband stalking me……………what a pain.

I have to admit, I love creating.  Fabric is my passion. My family is aware of this and they overlook the scraps of material piled up in  my workroom…………..NOTHING is thrown away.  My grandaughters love the “creative grandma” and usually have requests.

“Grandma, I want you to make me a doll,” Drama Queen announced.

Now, I have never even attempted a doll………….ever……………….

“Do you think grandma can sew anything?” I asked.

“Yes.” The smile was irresistable.

So…………The oddest little figure was created, and is now loved by Drama Queen, as if it were the only doll in the world.

How long do you think it will be before she realizes “Strange Little Looking Doll” needs clothes?????


Sunday, November 1st, 2009


Every year my family gets together and we take my 85 year old mother to Las Vegas for a week.  I must admit my family is crazy, and we end up returning with sore cheeks from laughing so hard!  This year was no different.  We headed out the beginning of September knowing we would be spending a week of laughs (alcohol is added to the mix).

This is where my cousin comes in to play.  Since I usually have a drink or two……….I have told him his mission in Vegas is to make sure I don’t get married again!!! After the string of bad luck I have had lately (will go into it later), he said he thought I would need a GPS unit!

He did his job well.  I am back home safe, sound, and still single…………………

And very glad that what happens in Vegas………………………….

Party Time

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009



This summer has been so busy for me.  Busier than any summer I can remember in quite awhile.  I have had an occasion to attend (sometimes two or three) every weekend since the middle of May.

Graduation parties are starting to come to an end.  It seems all of my cousins children are graduating this year.  I have to ask, did they all get together and say, “Hey! I know!  Let’s all get pregnant this year, so our kids can all graduate the same year! and then, guess what, let’s not have a combined party……………, let’s have 17 separate ones!!!”

I must admit it has been wonderful seeing all of my relatives at happy occasions.  This sure beats the years we only get together for funerals. 

I will be posting as much as I can the next few weeks.

Until then, I will be busy buying cards and writing out checks……….

Two Peas In A Pod……….

Friday, May 29th, 2009



She drives a car just like mine.
Thought you only liked those sporty, hot convertibles.

She eats peanut butter with a spoon straight from the jar like me.
Thought that was gross.

She loves to work in her flower bed and garden like I do.
Thought you hated to get those perfectly manicured nails dirty.

She washes clothes only if her family is starting to rewear their underwear, hey same as me.
Thought that was pretty lazy.

She grows vegetables like me and plans on freezing them for winter like I always did.
Thought that was why God invented grocery stores.

She sews and creates fabric art project, just like I love to do.
Thought sewing was lame and for old people.

Don’t look now, Earth Child. And I really don’t know how to tell you..
But (hehe) you have become your mother.