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My Friends Are The Best Of Friends…..

Monday, June 15th, 2009



I have been rethinking my knee jerk reaction to shutting everything down, just because one person spent a whole post bashing me on their blog.  I was so upset and sad, and immediately wanted to shelter myself and hide.  I had no desire to confront the issue, it was much, much easier to run.

But, I want to thank so many of you in cyberspace for commenting and emailing me, letting me know you support me.  You knew I was not a stalking, lunatic  “hater” sending encrypted messages.  For heavens sake, I can barely learn out how to add a video to my blog………………let alone trying to figure out how to encrypt!!

Today has been one of reflection.  (Oh, man you knew there was going to be a lesson!)  No keep reading………don’t leave me yet!  After bawling like a little baby, I did toughen up and allowed myself to think things through.

This was a terrible experience for me.  I needed to remind myself of a few things:

  • Don’t judge people so quickly.  Especially if you don’t know them!  Words can come out wrong when you say them directly.  Can you imagine how difficult it is to add inflection with something written.
  • Cyberbullying can take so many avenues.  I was bashed by one person, because I was new to her blog.  We try and teach our children to be kind to their classmates, especially ones that many not fit the mold.  After this one episode I have been through, I cannot imagine what some of our youth have to endure. 
  • The internet reaches millions of people.   It used to be you could tell someone to their face if you didn’t like them.  It was between the two of you. Now when you post it on a blog, millions of people will read this and a persons name can be destroyed in a heartbeat.
  • Apologize if you are wrong.  It could mean so much to someone to let them know you were wrong.  ”I’m sorry” could  take some of the sting out of a cruel remark.
  • Don’t believe everything you hear/read.  I have learned that one persons opinion does not necessarily make it true. 

I am going to continue to post.  I will not bash anyone.  Even if they don’t agree with me, I would let it be or email them in private.  If I don’t agree with someones post, well then I would just refrain from commenting.  You will not find hateful behavior on my blog……………so if you were looking for a cat fight………..wrong place!! Nope, no mud wrestling here! I will just not visit her blog.   I don’t want or need any more drama in my life.  That’s it…..over……done with……

Blogging is a wonderful outlet for all of us.  I have met the nicest and most talented of people here.  I am so glad to be with you all again.  You are the best!

Thank you for asking me to hang around for awhile……yes, I think I will. 

Hey! What Are Friends For?

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009



A good friend of mine called. She was crying, feeling very downhearted and depressed. It was the five year anniversary of her divorce and moving back to her home town.

She was sad because after all this time, nothing had really changed in her life. She was still alone, working at a job where she really wasn’t happy. All her friends were here (in this town), and the people she comes in contact with can not relate to her life, as they are married with families.

I guess she called me, because she knew I would understand how she felt.
And I did………..

Never did I think I would be at this place in my life at this moment.

“Think about it, Girlfriend,” I told her, “do you really think where I’m at was a goal in my life? Gee, I hope by the time I’m 57, I will be alone, gone through two divorces… that wrecked me emotionally and one that destroyed me financially, if I’m lucky maybe I’ll have a body where every joint aches to high heaven, and please, while we’re on the wish list train, could we throw in cancer for good measure?”

She started laughing…………….suddenly her life didn’t look as bleak.

I am so glad for her……………..