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Sunday, March 14th, 2010


I ended up having knee surgery last month.  I could barely walk the pain was so bad, and I was reduced to wearing “sensible” shoes! Gasp!!!

That was the only reason I agreed to the surgery.  I could not be without my diva shoes any longer.  So, surgery was a success, and I only had to take one day off work.  It was hard to walk the next day, so I borrowed my mother’s walker to help me get around. (I have seen my future, and it is not pretty).

My grandaughters Diva and Drama Queen had a ball racing around the house with this new wheeled contraption at Grandma’s.  When they came over the next week, they asked if I still had the walker.  I told them that I returned it to Great Grandma.

Diva pouted. “But, we wanted to play old lady……………….we were going to be 39 years old!”

I don’t even want to know what they call me………………………..

Who Says I’m Awe-Summmm??

Monday, May 18th, 2009



I have been tagged by SWANEESINGER to list 7 Awe-Summm things about me.  I refuse to think today, so I am just going to type the first 7 things that come to my mind.  I am to tag seven bloggers new to me……………..excuse me, you’re ALL new to me…
Soooooo….anyone who would like to participate, please join me!!

  1. Short.  5′
  2. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.  I would just as soon lose a body part than ask for help. Plus, people generally tell me that I am…………..just in case I  didn’t notice.
  3. Hooked on Reality TV.  (I never usually admit to this)
  4. I kicked cancer’s butt! Just did an article with our newspaper re: my cancer story.
  5. I am alone, but never lonely.
  6. I was the first female elected official in our town.
  7. I am the moderator on TV for a local cable axcess TV channel.

Now, I just can’t leave some things alone and I wanted to get a different perspective on what is Awe-Summmm about me.  so, I asked my granddaughters for their unbiased opinion, and they came up with:

  1. Funny and cute. (I just love these girls)
  2. Cool shoes (they play dress up in all my shoes…old and new)
  3. Make the best mashed potatoes.
  4. My house.  They can make a mess and I don’t yell.
  5. Buy them toys
  6. I have the best sparkly jewelry.
  7. Makes them laugh (In a good way, I’m sure)
  8. Never yell  (I know it’s 8, but I couldn’t NOT add this one, right, Mommy, hehe)

Actually, I like their list better………………….