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Stand Up To Cancer

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

So many organizations have events or benefits for cancer.  I think it is wonderful to see so much support and generosity when it comes to cancer, or any disease for that matter.

I stumbled across an artist, Ingrid Michaelson and learned she was donating a portion of the proceeds of her song “Be OK” to Stand Up to Cancer.

I found it to be upbeat………..And truly, these are words that not only a  cancer patient, but any of us would like to say………………

Plus I would so write “BE OK” on my face !!!



Dating With A Capital C

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009



“Hey, baby, want to go out ?”

“Maybe we can meet for lunch.  You have to eat, right?”

“How about a movie? I hear this one is really good.”

“Dinner………….then maybe, *wink*wink*.”

“This play has had great reviews, would you like to see it?”

“Can I call you sometime?”

(Yes, even someone as old as me gets asked out………)
And in the course of the conversations, my being a cancer survivor comes up.

Suddenly my dance card is empty…………and my phone is silent……..

Cancer has a way of doing that.



Hey! What Are Friends For?

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009



A good friend of mine called. She was crying, feeling very downhearted and depressed. It was the five year anniversary of her divorce and moving back to her home town.

She was sad because after all this time, nothing had really changed in her life. She was still alone, working at a job where she really wasn’t happy. All her friends were here (in this town), and the people she comes in contact with can not relate to her life, as they are married with families.

I guess she called me, because she knew I would understand how she felt.
And I did………..

Never did I think I would be at this place in my life at this moment.

“Think about it, Girlfriend,” I told her, “do you really think where I’m at was a goal in my life? Gee, I hope by the time I’m 57, I will be alone, gone through two divorces… that wrecked me emotionally and one that destroyed me financially, if I’m lucky maybe I’ll have a body where every joint aches to high heaven, and please, while we’re on the wish list train, could we throw in cancer for good measure?”

She started laughing…………….suddenly her life didn’t look as bleak.

I am so glad for her……………..


Crazy, Crazy Chemo

Monday, May 11th, 2009


I know we have all heard about the awful, awful side effects of chemotherapy treatments.  Believe me, I know firsthand how draining they can be!

I would undergo treatments every Friday that would last for 7 hours.  Not the greatest way to spend the day, but I got to hang with my sister and we had some great bonding time.  We would look through catalogs, and decide which clothes we were going to buy.  And yes, we bought nothing. Often my daughter, brother in law , mother and nephews would pop in just to make sure I was still alive and hadn’t od’s on poison being pumped into my veins.

BUT…………….(here we go again)…………..there is an upside to chemo.  (You think I am crazy….I know, I can see you shaking your head and rolling your eyes……… and all that chemo and radiation fried my brain, right?  It did……..but I use that only as an excuse whenever I forget something.  (Sorry, chemo fried that brain cell).  See how helpful it can be?

Back to the perks of chemo.  (No, not the puking, unless you are bulimic, then this is right up your alley.)  It’s the steroids.

Steroids? you ask.  Yes.  Now those injections eventually build up in your body and start putting some weight on you.  (The stomach flab is not the perk part). The perk part is your face fills out.

It fills out and stretches out all the wrinkles…………….it’s like a miracle!

Suddenly people were commenting on how young I looked.  Most people knew I was going through treatments, but some of my clients didn’t know I had cancer, as I never missed a day of work other than my chemo days. 

“Zelzee, you would never know you were going through cancer!”
“Wow, Zelzee, you look younger and younger!”

“You are glowing! Tell me, is there a man involved………….?”
“You look better now than you did before!”   (???)
“Did you get a face lift?”
“Do you mind my asking………….have you had botox treatments?”
And the best of them all.……………..

“I don’t know how to tell you, Zelzee, but cancer agrees with you!”

Color me lucky……………………