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Sunday, June 28th, 2009



I was shopping this weekend and I discovered something……….

I found out what Victoria’s Secret is…………


The secret is………
You have to be 20 years old to be able to wear anything in their store……….



Summer Vacation

Friday, June 26th, 2009



On the news recently they have been talking about Americans cutting back on vacations over the summer. The travel industry is hurting and vacation hotspots are offering smoking’ hot deals.

My life was never one that included exotic vacations. When I was growing up, my father always worked starting his own business, barely taking a day off now and again. When we were back in school, I never had a two page litany about all the different States we traveled to during our summer vacation.

Instead, my mother found ways to give us enjoyment throughout our summers. She was the neighborhood “mom” for all the kids. She would pile 14 kids into her car (sometimes two on a lap), and take us all down to the beach.. Or she would again pile us all in her car and treat us to a drive-in movie. Once there she would unload lawn chairs and blankets and set them up on both sides of the car. We poured out of the vehicle like molten lava and claimed our chair or spot on top of the car. Many a young couple parked next to us started their car up and moved…………far away from the commotion we would cause!

Even when I was first married, my husband and I never had two nickels to rub together, but we never really noticed that we were missing vacations. I became the “kool-aid” mom in the neighborhood with umpteen kids splashing in our little backyard Smurf pool while Bubble Gum Rock blasted from my cassette player as kids danced around on my back patio.

To listen to me, my brother and my sister we had the absolute best childhood. To listen to my children, they had the absolute best childhood.

Thoughts of summer keep invading my thoughts lately. (Yes, there has been a spotting of sunshine now and again around here.) And with these thoughts I am reminded of summers past.

There are many of you out in bloggy land, that cannot afford vacations. It’s hard enough to try and keep food on your table, or the roof over your head……….a vacation is simply out of the question.

I just wanted you to know that wherever you are with the ones you love can be your “vacation”. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune……….

Build a dream castle out of blankets and plywood.

Swim the ocean in a little blue Smurf pool.

Take the family to a “drive-in” movie with a portable DVR player in your backyard on a blanket…….snacks and drinks prepared exactly the way you like them.

I learned long ago………….being the neighborhood “kool-aid” mom was the highest honor I was ever bestowed.

Wednesday Prayer

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009



There are days where this just says it all!!!


Stand Up To Cancer

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

So many organizations have events or benefits for cancer.  I think it is wonderful to see so much support and generosity when it comes to cancer, or any disease for that matter.

I stumbled across an artist, Ingrid Michaelson and learned she was donating a portion of the proceeds of her song “Be OK” to Stand Up to Cancer.

I found it to be upbeat………..And truly, these are words that not only a  cancer patient, but any of us would like to say………………

Plus I would so write “BE OK” on my face !!!